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During more than 20 years of providing advice, Nobby Kleinman has been asked one question more often than any other, and nearly always by women.

Although most households seem to have sufficient incomes to meet their expenses, it always seems to be a struggle to understand “How do I manage my daily money?”

It was this question which drove him to seek solutions for his clients. But the underlying problem was always there, and needed to be addressed.

Since retiring in 2006 as a financial adviser, Nobby recognized that the problem remained. He decided to do something about it and developed a number of programs to effectively manage money and address debt.

But there was a further driving need which had emerged over many decades, which was the role of women and money.

​Want More Money Honey? is written specifically for women to provide simple, and easy to understand guidance in managing money, without the need to seek expensive advice. Nobby ‘s experience has been that often women take a back seat in financial matters when in relationships, leaving their partner to take control of the money management.

But generally, women are far better at managing the household money.

​​And with more relationships ending in separation or divorce, women are now in a position of having to learn how to manage their finances whether they wish to or not.

This book is for those women seeking simple information without the big words and fluff.

The author has spent more than 20 years working with thousands of people providing information any person can implement. The goal of the book is to show easily achievable and effective strategies to manage money, eliminate debt and invest in the future.

​​​This book is not to offer legal or financial advice but rather a guideline for consumers to follow to start on a journey to total debt elimination and wealth creation.

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